McSpedden Library 2014-2015 Goals


This year at the McSpedden Library, I have set forth 4 goals. Now these can also be called guide posts, but ultimately these are the 4 things that will guide and propel me in everything we do here in the McSpedden Library. I think it is so important to know what our end game is when it comes to what happens in the library.

I wrote these goals or guiding statements so that everyone that comes to the McSpedden Library will know what is guiding us in all that we go! These statements should answer these questions: What is it that I am expected to do as your teacher librarian? What is it that teachers and students can expect when they come to the library? How will what we do here in the library impact student achievement?

I was inspired to write these goals by Andy Plemmons and his blog post Library Orientation: Starting the Year with Failure. I am really internalizing these goals and taking them with me in EVERYTHING we do here in the McSpedden Library!

McSpedden Readers, after you read this and hear me talk about these goals in your 1st Library Visits, leave a comment below and let me know something you would like to see us do in the library that would help us achieve one or more of these goals.

The first 12 students that comment will get to choose something from our McSwaggen (McSpedden Reader Swag) basket!

Goal 1 2014-2015


Goal 2 2014-2015


Goal 3 2014-2015

Goal 4 2014-2015


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33 comments on “McSpedden Library 2014-2015 Goals
  1. i think you should get theI Survied series because it is about real stories that are true. It will help kids really understand what was going on a few years ago

  2. To achieve Goal 4, I think you can add something like a post to the McSpedden Library website that shows a way to enforce digital citizenship. I love this library and I love this school!

  3. I think that we should do a book club for certain types of books or series. we might even be able to have a non fiction book club.

  4. Looking forward to meeting you, your 2nd graders and goal #4 with a Dot Day sharing on Monday 15th, 1:45 your time via Skype. My handle craigseasholes

  5. What are you thinking. tinkering in the library! 🙂 You packed the world into those 4 guiding statements, Nancy Jo! Love these goals!

  6. I’m a great proponent of library goals because they give a librarian a way to focus on what’s really important. Perfecto! I imagine others will “borrow” your work. I assume you have a Creative Commons license, right?

    • Yes Sharon! I just added a Creative Commons License to the page. Thank you for the compliment and for the tip! ;-D

  7. I’m not a student, but I just had to take a moment to wish you all the best year ever in your library! I can’t wait to see what students, teachers, family, and your amazing librarian dream up this year.

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