2nd Grade Research

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 9.56.15 PMDuring the week of February 17th-20th our 2nd graders came to the McSpedden Library to do research. They were embarking on a research writing unit, and so I collaborated with the teachers to help with the research portion of the unit.

All of the classes came to the library two times. The first time they came to the library we did a lesson on using databases instead of Google for academic research. We talked about times when using Google is ideal, but when we are doing research for school, we want to use the best most current, most reliable information. Therefore, we use databases. We also talked about plagiarism and the importance of citing our sources. We all took an oath to never ever copy from a print or online resource!

The next time the classes came to the library we spent the entire time using the PebbleGo databases on the Chromebook to research their topics. We used this Topic Question Page, this Online Resources Citation Page, and this Learning Page during the resource process.

Since we were so engaged in the research and the lessons, I did not take any pictures of this week to post.

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  1. Do you have something you put together to show why we use databases vs. Google?

    Do you have a video you show that discusses plagiarism?

    What pledge do you use?

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