Kindergarten Animal Research

IMG_8150Last week at the McSpedden Library, our kindergarten students came to the library to do online research. Their wonderful teachers had been modeling how to research in their classrooms, and they had already done whole group research as a class.

When the students came to me, they had chosen an animal and had already been learning about their animal from books. I used the Chromebooks in the library so each student could have their own computer to research on. We used this Animal Research Page to guide us in writing down our information. The students used Pebble Go Animals, and we talked about what a database is versus Google. We also talked about how important it is to say where we got our information when we are using someone else’s work to help other learn.

Our youngest student did an amazing job of researching their animal! Below are some pics of the classes while they were in the library doing research!

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