Reedy Library Position Paper on Dat Boi

reedy-library-poistion-paper-on-dat-boiThis position paper is in response to the printing of a frog on a unicycle on the Reedy Library 3D Printer. This paper also serves as an example of using APA style and citations with quality sources from our MackinVia databases and the internet.

Link to the PDF

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One comment on “Reedy Library Position Paper on Dat Boi
  1. truly amazing; Lambert has discovered and unearthed a substratum of cultural significance too few can sense- it is as if she has reached into the cosmos and FELT a new universe- and lain it before us for contemplation, yet we, being blind, can only vaguely comprehend… the beauty of such meme’s, namely Dat Boi, may remain elusive, although ubiquitous, like our summer clouds- and our own inability to master the unicycle, conundrum of modern man, who had such high hopes leaving the caves and coming down from the trees…

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