FA: Figurative Language Stations

Our FA students have been learning about and playing with figurative language!

You might be asking yourself what is figurative language and why is it important for kids to understand?

Figurative language can make you look at the world differently because it heightens your senses and understanding. We read and hear figurative language every day. It’s important that students learn to recognize it and then analyze it so they understand what people mean when they use it or read it.

Figurative language often compares two things in such a way that you find the comparison interesting or even a bit surprising.

Our students will move around 5 different stations to learn about and play with simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, and onomatopoeia. At each station they watched a video about each type of figurative language.

Figurative Language Stations

QR Codes for Stations

Click Here to go to the YouTube Playlist for the videos for the stations.

Click Here for the Figurative Language Activity Sheet.

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