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The #MSELib or the McSpedden Library is proud to introduce our #MakerSpace!

You may be asking yourself, what IS a makerspace anyway?

Our makerspace will be a place for kids to explore, design, and create. Students will be given the opportunity to use many different materials to create something.

Makerspaces come in all shapes and sizes. They all serve as a gathering point for tools, projects, mentors and expertise.  A Makerspace is a learning environment rich with possibilities.

I hope to provide a place for more kids and adults to connect to a future in which they can personally change, modify or “hack” the physical world by creating things.

Making is about getting hands-on, using  new technologies and basic tools, to do real and personally meaningful work. Our makerspace will hopefully inspire student innovation and creativity. I also want our makerspace to be a place where students can explore and create!

Last school year, I applied for a Canvas Grant by Instructure, and I got it! I received $5,000 to purchase materials for a MakerSpace.

The materials I purchased are as follows:

1. Minecraft Edu Server & 25 Licenses

2. Legos Education We Do Kits for K-2 & 3-5

3. Various K’Nex Kits

4. Little Bits Kits

5. Additional Legos

In addition to the items I purchased with my grant money, we have also had a generous donation from one of our McSpedden parents, Missy Holden. She purchased for the library additional Legos, duct tape, Elmer’s Glue, 2 rainbow looms, and rainbow loom bands. I cannot thank Missy enough for her donation!

Missy Donations

The McSpedden MakerSpace will help us meet one of our library goals this year:

Goal 2 2014-2015


McSpedden Makers, be on the lookout for the following MakerSpace things in the library and events:

  1. MakerSpace Stations in the library
  2. Maker Mondays (We will be looking for students and parents to help us lead these!)
  3. Minecraft Clubs
  4. Raspberry Pi Club for Making Our Own Computer

#MSELib Website Posts & Maker Information

Minecraft Club 2nd Nine Weeks Interest Form and Website Post

Maker Monday November 3, 2014 Sign Up & Website Post

Maker Monday November 10, 2014 Sign Up & Post

Maker Monday November 17, 2014 Sign Up & Post

Maker Monday December 8, 2014 Sign Up & Post

Maker Monday December 15, 2014 Sign Up & Post

MakerSpace Raspberry Pi Club Application & Post

Makerspace Raspberry Pi Club Update #1 Post

Maker Monday January 12, 2015 Sign Up & Post


Make It @MSELib

7 comments on “#MSELib MakerSpace
  1. hey, I am trying to sign up to get into maker monday and I have two questions
    when is the next maker monday?
    how do I sign up?
    Thanks, Akshaya 3rd grade

  2. Hi Mrs. Lambert,
    My son told me that this coming Monday (12-8) it is a Making Monday day. He really wants to join in, so how can I sign him up?
    Thank you!
    Gisel Haddad

  3. Hey,I am in Mrs.Smith’s class and I signed up for the maker Monday and I am super excited. I can’t wait to make legos.

    Akshaya Kalluri 3-Smith

  4. Hello Mrs Lambert,

    My son, Andrew Mao, is interested in joining the maker Monday group, but he has another tutoring ending at 3:20, will it be too late to join the club?



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