2nd Grade Money Counts in the Library

Money Counts

This week in the RBE Library, 2nd grade students came to the library for a money activity. That’s right, math and money in the library!

Now I wish I was the librarian genius who came up with this activity, but alas, I am not. Kelli Snyder the librarian at Bledsoe Elementary came up with this awesome and fun money activity! Her website is here.

So the kids came to the library and I had the fake coins on plates on the tables. I also created this activity sheet for the kids to do their adding on. Each child had their own card (like the picture here) with the code to how much certain books were worth.

I played the slide show made by Kelli and the kids used the fake coins to figure out how much the books were worth added up. Then, I would show the answer when most had finished the addition part.

The kids loved doing this activity in the library! In fact, the teachers wanted the materials so they could have this as a station in their classroom. I added the slide show to Google Drive, and made a Qr Code for the teachers. Way to go Kelli and thank you so much for sharing this with me!


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