The RBE Library is OPEN in the morning!

The RBE Library has an exciting announcement…

We Will Be Open To Students In The Morning!

Students will simply go up to Ms. Tual in the cafeteria in the mornings and ask for a pass to the library. Next week only, we will ask that only students who have books to return come down, but then the next week, we will open up the library to all students who want to come down. Students will need to put their backpacks away prior tp coming down to the library and asking for a pass.

We will limit the number of students, so make sure if you need to come you get to school early enough to get a pass! We will open at 7:20 and sudents will be sent back down before 7:40 for GMB and announcements.

Students may come to the library to do the following:

  1. Read
  2. Check in books and get new ones.
  3. Work on homework.
  4. Work in inquiry activities.
  5. Get help from the librarian.


Our first student to come down in the morning before school!

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  1. So wonderful to walk past the library this morning and see a mom reading to her daughter in the reading corner. It’s heart warming to see both students and parents enjoying all the library has to offer. <3

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