How Rocket Learned to Read

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How Rocket to Read  by Tad Hills is a wonderful book about a little dog who learns not only to read, but to love to read! Tad Hills is the famous author of the Duck & Goose books and is extremely talented!

In this book, Rocket is just a fun loving little dog who loves to play and nap. One day though, a little yellow bird claims him as her first student. She wants to teach Rocket to read, but Rocket is decidely uninterested. After Rocket hears the little yellow bird reading out loud though, he becomes involved in the story, and dislikes it when the bird stops reading out loud.

Slowly, Rocket comes around, and the little bird does teach him to read. However, when fall comes, the little yellow bird has to leave. Rocket is a determined though, and he practices his spelling and reading all fall and winter. When spring comes, Rocket is eagerly awaiting the return of his teacher!

Children of all ages will delight in this beautifully written and illustrated book! Anyone who loves dogs, teachers, or reading will really enjoy this book!


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