Check out the 5th Grade Book Trailers!

5th grade students at RBE Library learned how to use iMovie last week in order to be able to write, create, and edit Book Trailers.

A Book Trailer is like a movie trailer or preview. After RBE students read a book that they love and want to share with other students so they will read it, they will write a Book Trailer script, submit a Rave Review book recommendation, and then come to the library to create a Book Trailer. After they finish their Book Trailer, Mrs. Lambert will upload it to YouTube, and publish it to the library website for other RBE students to view!

 Book Trailers are a great way to allow students to write for a genuine audience and share their writing with others. Also, by using iMovie, students arelearning how to use a wonderful technology tool and using their creativity.

Students practice the following writing skills when they write a script for a book trailer:

  1. Writing a good summary
  2. Identifying main ideas and important details
  3. Using good grammar and punctuation
  4. Choosing the perfect words to entice readers
  5. Learning to be concise

So, without further delay, please check out our first RBE Library 5th Grade Book Trailers!


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