Last Week @RBE Library

Last week at RBE Library, I decided to bring things back to the basics. After weeks of introducing students to new library programs and using technology to enhance the library experience, I decided it was time to READ!

I read to every class that came to the library this week!

For students in Kinder through 2nd grade, I read one or more of the Texas 2×2 books. The kids have been checking them out, but starting last week, I will read as many of them to kids as I can to ensure they get exposed to all of them before winter break. Also, we are going to pass around the new set of books that the PTA dontated amongst the K-2 teachers so they and the kids can read them all!

I read one or more of the below books to students last week:












Last week, I also read to students in 3rd and 4th grades. I read aloud one or more of the Texas Bluebonnet books. It is my goal that every student at RBE in grades 3-5 be exposed to at least 5 of the Bluebonnets so they can particpate in the Bluebonnet Bash and Voting that we will do in the spring. Students need to be sure to fill out their Bluebonnet reports by clicking here. For the classes that I read from The Shadows to, I will try and read a little bit of that book to them every time they come to the library between now and winter break!












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