What You Never Knew About Fingers, Forks, & Chopsticks

What You Never Knew About Fingers, Forks, & Chopsticks by Patricia Lauber and illustrated by John Manders

Call Number: 394.1 LAU

This book was about eating with fingers,forks,and chopsticks.It taught me a lot about all the forks,ad spoons for example like the forks were made in 1475.It is really informational. It teaches you a lot! So I really hope you guys read about my book because its really good!

Well my favorite part about the book is like where it tells me about the knifes and stuff like that. It is so cool I also like it when they tell me when its msde because you learn a lot! I hope you read my book its GOOD!!

if you like informational books you will really like this book so I hope you guys really like this book if you get the book from the library.

This book’s genre is informational. This book’s story line is informative. This book left me feeling¬†cheerful, inspired, surprised. On a scale of 1-5, I give this book a 5!

This review was written and submitted by 3rd grader Mason.

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