4th Grade Online Resources Flipped Lesson

Click on this image to go the website for the activity!

This week for our RBE Students, we are offering a flipped library learning opportunity! Since our students are starting to embark upon research, we want them to be familiar with all the district provided online resources.

Throughout the year, students will need to do research and look up topics of interest. Our district provides us with great resources to do that!

This activity is what educators call a “flipped lesson.” Instead of delivering this lesson through a lecture in the library, students are going to read a series of web pages designed by me, the librarian,and watch corresponding videos to help them learn how to use online resources. It is important that they read everything on the website, watch all the videos, try looking things up in each database.

Students, be sure to try and look up 3 things in both the World Book Online and EBSCO! Look up things that are of interest to you, and see what you find out! Click Here for a copy of the activity sheet!



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