Classic Fairy Tales vs. Fractured with 2nd Grade

This week at the RBE Library, 2nd grade students are coming for a lesson where we compare a classic fairy tale to a fractured fairy tale.

This is an especially fun lesson for me, because I LOVE fairy tales! So, I used a very classic version of The Three Little Pigs by L. Leslie Brooke that is an ebook in our MackinVia ebook library. The students actually watched a video of me reading the book in their classroom before they came to the library.

Once in the library, we completed this Fractured vs. Classic Fairy Tales Graphic Organizer¬†for classic fairy tale. Then, I read a brand new fractured fairy tale, that also happens to be one of our Texas 2×2 books for next year called The Three Ninja Pigs by Corey Rosen Schwartz and illustrated by Dan Santat.

The kids and I just love any book with ninjas, and so this story was a BIG hit! However, in addition to it being a great book, it also had all the elements I was looking for in a good fractured fairy tale. This was a plus since the kids are going to be writing a fractured fairy tale for their creative writing unit.


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2 comments on “Classic Fairy Tales vs. Fractured with 2nd Grade
  1. Hi, so excited to hear that the book was a hit. If you’d like Three Ninja Pigs bookmarks for your second graders, just email me with an address and total number of students. Ki-ya!

    • Saying it was a hit is an understatement! The kids loved this book and it may be the most popular fractured fairy tale in our library right now! Thank you Corey for writing such an amazing book!

      Mrs. Lambert

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