September Online Book Club with Overdrive Week 2!

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 5.54.50 PMStarting Monday, September 16th, the RBE Library in conjunction with Overdrive will, be hosting an online book club for 2 weeks.

On Monday, September 16th, all RBE students can download the Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth book. Unlike other Overdrive books, this book will be available in unlimited quantities to Frisco ISD students from September 16th-September 30th.

Since anyone in Frisco ISD can download this book, I am going to host the RBE Library’s first online book club! That’s right! Our September Book Club will be entirely online!

Once those students who choose to participate download the book, they can participate in our book club, right here on the RBE Library Website!




How It Works:

Those who want to participate need to download the ebook or audio book from Overdrive.

I will post 3 posts for our online book club, This one, another on September 23rd, and the last on September 30th. By Monday, September 23rd, those who are participating will try to read to a halfway point in the book (I will post the halfway point here once I get the book downloaded myself) so we can talk about the first half of the book. On Monday, September 30th, I will ask that everyone participating finish the book or be almost finished so we can talk about the 2nd half of the book and the end.


Sassy Fancy Nancy is now a detective. When one of her classmate’s most special possessions disappears from school, it’s up to Nancy to save the day. With the help of her friend Bree, she follows the clues to an unexpected source.

Book Club Meeting #2

  1. Our second meeting will take place on this post!
  2. Students, teachers, and parents can all participate.
  3. You participate by leaving comments on this post.
  4. You can also reply and respond to others comments too!

On this post, we will talk about what has happened in the book so far, up to about CHAPTER 7! So, readers, tell me what has happened with Fancy Clancy in the first half of the book!

  1. What do you think of the first half? Do you like the book?
  2. What is your favorite part so far?
  3. What questions do you have so far?
  4. What characters do you like or wonder about?
  5. Since this is a mystery book, how do you think the mystery will end?
  6. Will Fancy Clancy solve the mystery?


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6 comments on “September Online Book Club with Overdrive Week 2!
  1. I am enjoying the book so far. It is funny that she likes Nancy Drew mysteries because I did too. I am reminded of “Harriet the Spy.” She is another book character who loved solving mysteries.

  2. I think that Nancy with the help of her BFF Bree will solve this mystery by finding clues and asking questions like when did it disappear? I hope that Nancy and Bree will solve there first mystery.I can picture Nancy and Bree very excited in their secret club about solving this mystery! Like they are excited i am suspicious to find out who stole the marble.

  3. Wow! What a super fun book! I love how Nancy Clancy has 2 mysteries to solve! I have no idea what the twins are hiding, and I can’t wait to find out!. I also have no idea who took the blue marble. I wonder what clues Fancy Nancy will uncover to solve these mysteries?

    My favorite part so far is when all the kids in Nancy’s class brought their sentimental items. I liked reading Nancy’s descriptions of all the items. I am glad Nancy tried to disguise her hand writing. Nancy and Bree are best friends and I can tell because they both knew each other’s mystery sentimental items.

    I can’t wait to see how this book ends!

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