5th Grade Expository Openings & Closings

opening and closingsThis week at the RBE Library, Mrs. Smith’s 5th graders’s came to the library for a mini lesson on writing openings and closings in their expository writing. Here are the¬†Expository Writing Openings and Closings¬†pieces I wrote for this activity.

In this lesson, I had an expository piece with just the middle and the prompt. I created the prompt and wrote the guts of the piece. As a class, we talked about how to construct the opening by restating the prompt and listing the main ideas that we as the writer will put in the opening.

We also talked about that we want to write broad statements about what we are writing about in the opening and closings. NO DETAILS!

In the closing, we start by again restating the prompt and listing our main ideas, but then we have to go a step further. We have to make a very specific statement about how what we are writing about in the meat of our writing will make an impact. What results will this yield? What will change if we do these things?

Students, below is the prompt and another incomplete piece. Your challenge is to write an opening and closing for this incomplete expository piece:

Openings and Closings for Homework


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