3rd Grade Nonfiction Text Features With QR Codes

IMG_7494Today at the McSpedden Library our 3rd graders came to the library to do some hands on learning with nonfiction text features. In their classrooms our students have been learning about nonfiction text features for a few weeks.

The teachers wanted to see the kids identify the correct text features in nonfiction books. So, I pulled several nonfiction books that had the types of text features that our teachers were focusing on. I created these Nonfiction Text Features QR Code Station Signs and this Nonfiction Text Features Reading Response. I placed the books and the QR Code Station signs around on the tables. I also checked out 2 iPad carts from technology so that each student could have their own iPad for the activity. I also created an answer key for each teacher as they wanted to take a grade on this assessment.

The students had a lot of fun using the iPads and locating the nonfiction text features on the images and in the real books!


Pics of the 3rd Graders

8 comments on “3rd Grade Nonfiction Text Features With QR Codes
  1. I tried it!! It worked fabulously! Because they were second graders, I’m going to add the station numbers onto the reading response sheets so they don’t get confused. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this lesson with us. I’m going to try it with my second graders today!

  3. Hi Nancy! This seems like a great idea if you have the technology available. My question is kind of the opposite of Krista’s – do you think it’s actually necessary to have the book itself out if the students are going to use the image on the iPad? My students probably wouldn’t open the book if they had the image there! I’m hoping to have tech available and would love to try something like this, but weighing the pros and cons of leaving the books themselves on the shelves (assuming the students worked in groups)…

  4. I just read your article in Library Sparks – I’m curious – how many students do you think used the print text’s versus the online picture? I love this idea – but I am wondering how many of the kids used the technology component when they had the actual page in front of them?

    • Hello Krista,

      Most of the students used the images because they each had an iPad to use, and the QR Codes really engaged them so they were excited!

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