3rd Grade Media Literacy

med litThis week at the McSpedden Library, our 3rd graders will be learning about Media Literacy.

I created the Google Presentation below as a direct teach lesson to co-teach with the teachers and to share with the students. We will talk about media literacy toegther, learn about media tools, and then analyze some different forms of media together. The students will work with me and their teacher  to complete these Media Literacy Reading Response pages.

After the lesson, we will all take the 3rd Grade Media Literacy Quiz together to check our understanding and extend our learning.


  Media Literacy Quiz Digital Kit


 Media Literacy Quiz

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8 comments on “3rd Grade Media Literacy
  1. Hi. This is a perfect lesson to use for my 3rd graders as well. Is it possible for you to share your quiz? I’ d love for my kiddos to try it.

  2. Love, love, love this. I hate to be stupid, but I want to be sure I answered the last question correctly. Is there a key?

  3. Hey there! We teach 3rd grade in Texas and LOVE this lesson and quiz. We were wondering if there was a way you could share the Google quiz with us so the submitted answers don’t go to you, but could come to us? Thanks in advance!

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