3rd Grade Arctic Animals

This week at the RBE Library, 3rd grade students will be choosing an arctic animal to research. This is a very exciting topic that students will be able to pursue in the coming weeks.

We are going to go through the research process by seeing what creatures they can choose from, picking the one they are most interested in, then developing their own open ended questions using this. Students will use library books and the links below to answer their questions and record web resources here and print resources here. After they have their questions, they will use a variety of resources to answer their questions. They will use some books and some online resources.
After they have answered their questions, they will record their learning and then create a newsletter using the most important pieces of their learning. The other product of their learning will be a glogster on Glogster.

Below are the links and information students should use for this inquiry.

  1. CaribouEnchanted Learning & National Geographic
  2. Arctic WolfEnchanted Learning & National Geographic
  3. WolverineEnchanted Learning & National Geographic
  4. Arctic FoxEnchanted Learning & National Geographic
  5. LemmingEnchanted Learning & A-Z Animals
  6. ErmineEnchanted Learning & Canadian Museum of Nature
  7. Beluga WhaleEnchanted Learning & National Geographic
  8. Bowhead WhaleEnchanted Learning & Alaska Fisheries Science Center
  9. NarwhalEnchanted Learning & National Geographic
  10. Harp SealEnchanted Learning & National Geographic
  11. WalrusEnchanted Learning & National Geographic
  12. Arctic TernEnchanted Learning & The Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  13. PtarmiganYesPinki & The Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  14. Emperor PenguinEnchanted Learning & National Geographic
  15. Polar BearEnchanted Learning & National Geographic
  16. Leopard SealSeal’s World & National Geographic
  17. Ribbon SealAlaska Fisheries Science Center & Alaska Fisheries Science Center
  18. Blue WhaleEnchanted Learning & National Geographic

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