4th Grade Soil Web Quest

Click on this image to go to the Soil Web Quest!

This week, our 4th graders will begin learning about soil in Science. I was able to collaborate with Mr. Waldrip to create an engaging Web Quest to introduce our 4th graders to soil.

The Web Quest is called “The Dirt on Soil.”

Do you know the difference between dirt and soil? Do you know that there are different kinds of soil? Did you know that some types of soil support plant growth and others don’t? Did you know that all soils tell a story of the history of that land? Did you know Texas has a state soil?

The answers to these questions and more can be found in this web quest. The web quest is not designed to teach students all there is to know about soil, but instead it is designed to introduce them to the concept of soil and get students thinking about soil.

To go to the soil Web Quest, Click Here or on the image of soil.

Students, you DO NOT have to be logged into anything to do the Web Quest! You can log into you Frisco ISD Google Apps for Education account, but you DO NOT have to!

In this web quest, students will:

  1. examine properties of soils
  2. learn about types of soil
    1. sand
    2. clay
    3. silt
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