Goldilocks and Just One Bear for 1st Grade

Goldilocks and Just One Bear

Last week I did a super fun lesson with our 1st graders! They were doing Story Maps, focusing on retelling the beginning, middle, and end of a story. The students were working with Goldilocks and the Three Bears in their classrooms, so I decided to use a fractured Fairy Tale for this lesson.

I chose to use the book Goldilocks and Just One Bear by Leigh Hodgkinson because it tells the story of what happened to Goldilocks and Baby Bear when they grew up! A precious and wonderful yarn that the kids just love! Plus, there is the story time opportunity for the audience to participate in a and the porridge was not too hot, not too cold but JUST RIGHT!

I read the story and then I gave the kids this  BlabberMouseBMEfoldable with this Foldable Cover that I found here. Here is a Blank Foldable Cover in case you want to use it with a different book!


BME FoldableStudent Working on BME Foldable


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