2nd Grade Social Studies Learning


This week at the RBE Library, our 2nd graders will be coming into the library to learn about some of their Social Studies TEKS.

We will be focusing on the colonists who came to America on the Mayflower, the Pilgrims, Thanksgiving, the 13 Colonies, The Declaration of Independence, and Colonist Life.

Students will explore some stations about these social studies topics. Then they will use the iPads with a partner to share their learning. We will be using the Strip Design App to share the 3 Most Interesting things that we learn.

Below is the information for the Stations. Here is the Student Activity page. Here is the 13 Colonies iPad Product Rubric and the 3 Things I Learned Page.



2nd Grade Social Studies Stations

Station 1

At this station, students will learn about the when the Pilgrims sailed to Plymouth and established the colony that celebrated the first Thanksgiving.

World Book Kids Article: The Mayflower

Plymouth & the 1st Thanksgiving


Station 2

At this station students will learn about how the Pilgrims and other colonists led to the formation of the 13 colonies. This video also talks about how the 13 colonies sought independence from England.

BrainPop Jr.: The 13 Colonies


Station 3

At this station, students will learn about the Declaration of Independence and how it is an important American document.

World Book Kids Article: Declaration of Independence


Station 4

At this station students will take a Picture Walk through 4 different books that show details about colonist life. Students will see how different colonist life was from now.

  1. Samuel Eaton’s day : a day in the life of a Pilgrim boy / by Kate Waters ; photographs by Russ Kendall.
  2. Sarah Morton’s day : a day in the life of a Pilgrim girl / by Kate Waters ; photographs by Russ Kendall.
  3. The pilgrims of Plimoth / written and illustrated by Marcia Sewall
  4. The first Thanksgiving feast / by Joan Anderson ; photographed by George Ancona


Class Flipsnack Books






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