Last Week @RBE Library

Last week at the RBE Library, students had fun, connected with books, and learned! It was a great week!

Students in grades 3-5 were presented with information about the Texas Bluebonnet Reading Program. At the RBE Library, we plan on having 100% of students participate! We are going to make it so easy for all students to read or have read to them 5 Bluebonnet Books! Teachers are reading Bluebonnet books, I am going to read Bluebonnet Books, and students are checking out Bluebonnet Books left and right.

To find out the details about the RBE Library’s Texas Bluebonnet Book Program click here. Students will complete an online form for every bluebonnet book they read. Then, in the spring we will have a Bluebonnet Bash and Voting Day! It is going to be so much fun!

Also, students got to use some of the newly purchased iPads to watch book trailers for the Texas Bluebonnet Books that they were most interested in reading. All the books, trailers, and the online form can be found when you click here.


Students in grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade were introduced to the Texas 2×2 Reading Program this week too! This is very exciting as this will be the first year that Borchardt has participated in the Texas 2×2 Program! Students were given the Texas 2×2 Boot that they will leave at school. Teachers are going to read 2×2 books to students, students can check out 2×2 books, and I will also be reading 2×2 books to students.

Last week, I read Say Hello! by Rachel Isadora. This is a really fun Texas 2×2 Book about saying hello in different languages. My favorite part of sharing this story, was finding out all the different languages and cultures students at Borchardt are a part of! Student left the library last week saying, “Bonjour! Hola! Shalom! Konichiwa! Ni Hao! Al Salaam A’Alaykum!” What a fun book to celebrate the many cultures and diversity we have the pleasure of experiencing at RBE!

For all the information about the RBE Library Texas 2×2 Books Program, click here!

Last week at the RBE Library, 2nd Grade students came to the library to do an inquiry activity about bridges. To see the online activity guide, click here.  Students visited the World Book Online, and How Stuff Works to read about bridges, tension, and compression. After they read, they wrote questions that they had about bridges. Then, students were given markers, notecards, and pennies to do an experiment with bridge structure. Students learend that when tension was increased, the amount of compression the bridge can take also increased. It was a fun experiement! Check out the video below to see all about it!


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