Last Week @RBE Library

Last week at RBE Library, students have done tons of research! We have been research crazy! Before we get to that though, I want for everyone in our community to know that we now have a mobile app!

You can scan this QR Code with your phone, iPad, or other mobile device. To do that you will need a QR Code reader app like the SCAN app or Red Laser. Once you have the app, just scan this code and add the mobile app version of the library website to your home screen on your device.

We highly suggest that if you are a student and your have your own device, put out mobile app on it! We will continue to improve this app and make sure that we add all the things to it that you most need.


So, 1st grade has been researching ocean creatures. Click here to see the post on the library website with all the information about that. They have used the World Book Online to write down facts about ocean creatures. They also used books and iPads in the library.

2nd Graders have been doing research on forest animals. They have used the World Book Online, EBSCO Searchasaurus, and books and websites like Enchanted Learning.

3rd graders have been doing research on Arctic animals. They have used the World Book Online, EBSCO Kid Search, and books and websites like Enchanted Learning. Click here to see all the juicy information!

Students in grades 2-5 were all introduced to the EBSCO database. This is a phenomenal database that students should use because the district pays for us to have access to this. I explained EBSCO to the kids like this: Imagine a huge warehouse that is like 3 times the size of Stonebriar Mall. Imagine that every newspaper article, magazine article, encyclopedia article, primary source document, biography, and photo from the last hundred years are housed in this warehouse. That’s what EBSCO is!

I encourage students to use this as another quality place to go instead of Google and Wikipedia when you have to do research.

Remember, for EBSCO, students can use the search boxes on the library website from school, but have to use the EBSCO at home button from home. If students need another bookmark with the logins and passwords, they can get one at any time from the library!

RBE students across the grade levels are learning how to use the online encyclopedia, World Book Online, the EBSCO databases, and quality websites to answer questions and learn new things. By engaging in the inquiry and research process, students are acquiring the 21st Century skills they need to succeed! Watch the video below to see for yourself!




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