3rd Grade Forms of Energy & iPads

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Last week at the RBE Library, our 3rd graders came into the library to create a video of their learning about 1 of the 4 forms of energy.

The students had been learning about energy in their classrooms with some iPad stations I made to guide them as they explored and engaged in learning about energy. You can find that activity and those stations here.

After they learned all about the different forms of energy, they completed an activity sheet describing what they learned about a particular form of energy.

Then the students came into the library to make a video product of their learning. First, I showed the students how to create a background for their video by using the Strip Design app. The students took a picture of their learning page and paired it with a picture of something that was an example of their type of energy.

The next step involved the Puppet Pals Director’s Pass app. The students used the background they created in Strip Design and added it an puppet of themselves to record the video of what they learned about their chosen form of energy.

The kids had a blast creating their videos of their learning!

Mrs. Kopil’s Class Videos


Ms. Willett’s Class Videos


Mrs. Entzminger’s Class Videos


Ms. Lickstein’s Class Videos


Mrs. Upchurch’s Class Videos


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  1. This is so cute! I love the layers of learning and tech-smashing used to do this. Such a great idea! So informative! **borrowing** 🙂

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