Life Cycle Stations with 3rd Grade

This week at the RBE Librarylife cycles, 3rd grade students will be learning about life cycles.

As part of their learning, they will examine books and websites to learn about some specific organism’s life cycles.

Below are the stations that we will use to learn about tomato plants, ladybugs, and frogs.

Click Here for the Qr Codes for the Life Cycle websites for the stations.




Station 1 Books

Ladybug Book

Tomato Plant Book

Frog Book


Station 2 Game

At this station, students will visit an educational website with a game about life cycles.

CLICK HERE for the game!


Station 3 Tomato Plant Websites


Station 4 Ladybug Websites


Station 5 Frog Websites



2 comments on “Life Cycle Stations with 3rd Grade
    • Hello Shannon,

      This activity was based in our curriculum. The student response sheets were taken from the curriculum and not created by me, so I did not post them.

      Thank you for your your compliment! I try to put good things out into the educational world for others to use and share.

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